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TengFei(Tf Scooters.com) is the official website of Tf Scooters.com Self-balancing Scooters. We are located in Shenzhen China - the place where Apple products are made. We aim at providing the Self-balancing Scooters and the best customer service to you.

Quality Guarantee

Tf-scooters.com is dedicated to providing quality products to our customers. 
We have a QA team that test the products for you, all products go through three quality control processes at our warehouse before they are shipped out. There is also a 365 Day manufacturer's warranty on a majority of the items sold on Tf-scooters.com.

Easy To Order Online
As long as you have a computer, just move your mouse, click a few times, the products will be quickly delivered to your home no matter where you are.
Convenient Payment Gateway
Tf Scooters.com provides a wide range of convenient payment options for your order payment,such as Paypal, Credit Card,Bank Transfer, so you can choose the payment gateway as needed. 
Free Shipping
All orders at Tf Scooters.com will be shipped via airmail at no cost to you. Tf Scooters.com is continuously optimizing the shipping process to decrease the time to deliver the packages.
Excellent Customer Service
We have a team in which all are highly trained customer service experts ready to answer your questions. They can be reached through email, live chat, Tf Scooters.com online forum, or Tf Scooters.com's official Facebook page or Twitter account.
Wherever you are, Tf Scooters.com is your most reliable distributor of China wholesale products!

TengFei (Tf-Scooters.com) technology make life easier and wonderful.

TengFei (Tf-Scooters.com) technology make life easier and wonderful.
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